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A comprehensive web page is a condensed version of the ground reality and helps the information seeker to plan and if need be execute intentions.

Mr. Dipak Agarwal

I wish to convey through these web pages my views as the President as also earlier as a silent spectator as a member. What I have expressed are relevant vis-a-vis the Bradree.

In my perception the Bradree in the recent years has mirrored a certain lack of vibrancy, lacking in chartering new paths & ideas but ploughing the same furrow. Predictably our elders with passing age and a creditable service to the Bradree are no doubt highly spirited even now and continue to hold the beacon but it is unfair of us to expect of them the same physical vigour as in yesteryears. On the other side of the coin is our current generation of our youth caught up in the hurly burly of trade and profession with little time and sadly no inclination to contribute to the Bradreeļæ½s ideas and activities. This you will agree is an unwelcome trend and the imbalance needs urgent attention and ways found to correct it. I would like to therefore through this web page share with you my thoughts on the following core areas and address during my Presidency.  Details »»

Message by General Secretary
Mr. S.P. Sharma Dievedi Secretary

Dear Brethren,
We are pleased to project before our members this attached version of the website of Punjabee Bradree, Kolkata and our prized second Home. A well designed website is a treat to browse through for it not only leaves nothing to imagination of the user about the subject but also leaves an uncanny sense of belonging to the organization.Details »»

We are no club, or banquet, as by the name goes, Punjabee Bradree, we are a community, practicing one common ownership for one common cause. We have been serving the needy people and especially to our Punjabee Bradree, being the minority group in India. We are currently running into its sixth decade of Punjabee Bradree, working with passionate commitments. Punjabees have always come with a helping hand for Bengal, let that be in the time of Bengal Famine of 1943 or that be, the rush movement of refugees during the post partition of 1947, where, with the generous support of the Punajbees immigrants had settled down in the neighborhood. The desire of the coterie and the restricted fraternity to construct a Bhawan in Kolkata to cater to the requirements of growing number of Punjabees remained deep rooted. To keep alive and perpetuate the aspirations of the community in all its unmatched glory, it became an urgent need to establish an umbrella organization under which all activities could be co-ordinate. Thus, there was the rise of "PUNJABEE BRADREE" with a firm resolve to find a roof for the fraternity. This pledge to construct a Bhawan in "Kolkata" became a reality in the early seventies when the opportunity presented itself.&