Punjabee Bradree


A comprehensive web page is a condensed version of the ground reality and helps the information seeker to plan and if need be execute intentions.

Mr. Dipak Agarwal

I wish to convey through these web pages my views as the President as also earlier as a silent spectator as a member. What I have expressed are relevant vis-a-vis the Bradree.

In my perception the Bradree in the recent years has mirrored a certain lack of vibrancy, lacking in chartering new paths & ideas but ploughing the same furrow. Predictably our elders with passing age and a creditable service to the Bradree are no doubt highly spirited even now and continue to hold the beacon but it is unfair of us to expect of them the same physical vigour as in yesteryears. On the other side of the coin is our current generation of our youth caught up in the hurly burly of trade and profession with little time and sadly no inclination to contribute to the Bradreeļæ½s ideas and activities. This you will agree is an unwelcome trend and the imbalance needs urgent attention and ways found to correct it. I would like to therefore through this web page share with you my thoughts on the following core areas and address during my Presidency.

a) The Bradree in the current tech-savvy environment must endeavour to blend with the ever mushrooming technology. I identify areas like e-banking, reservation / online bookings & refunds and connected transactions, payment of bills and correspondence with members through email where possible.
b) Revival of our rich and glorious rituals of celebrating Basant & Dussehra by the Bradree in the traditional fashion, which seemingly has lost the cutting edge in the recent years.
c) Involve & motivate the so called young generation to actively participate in the progressive growth of the Bradree to ensure that our invaluable mantle is safe, secure & strong through the coming years. Innovation & out of the box ideas and solution should be the corner stone in our development.
d) " Pennywise & pound foolish" is the wise dictum we have learned. With ever rising costs and inflation we must strive hard to build-up our nest-egg and stay clear of wasteful & cosmetic ceremonials.
e) Kick-start the left over civil works of the LLR Public School our proud possession. Towards this end the Bradree as a united front should launch a vibrant and effective drive to seek donations to meet the multi crore project.
f) Reach out to the underprivileged & the deprived section of society through promoting social / welfare causes.

My committee recently come into the saddle have already started streamlining the system and working towards achieving the perspective listed above and our endeavour will be to charter the new path until our vision of projecting the Bradree as a dynamic Brand name comes to fruition.

I congratulate the dedicated group of our young members for their hard grind to give our website a comprehensive face. Finally I am thankful to those instrumental in bringing this project to fruition & the office staff who spared no efforts with their support services. Let us rejoice this reunion of sorts-so far a missing link of darkness and now alight through these web pages with million candles.